Our homes are purpose built to improve living standards and maximise independence of participants.

With SDA housing you can live in a home that feels just like that, a home. We believe in supporting the individual needs and independence of each participant to create a safe and comfortable environment.The locations of homes are important, in that, each participant can easily access their identified support networks and succeed with their improved liveability goals. This may include housing close to shopping, parklands and disability services as well as public transport.

We can seek out and purchase the right parcel of land for you to create your ideal home. All that is left to do is choose from one of our specialty designs.

Planning, Design and Build

Beginning with the NDIS SDA Design Standards our plans aim to provide specialised housing that is homely, not only in appearance, but in liveability. Where possible and appropriate we welcome guidance from participates, this may include choosing the homes colour scheme, initiating a vegetable garden or outdoor enjoyment spaces

Sharing the excitement of the build process, we will keep participants updated with the progress of their home, sending progress photos, and maintaining discussions throughout ensuring the completed home is handed over to the satisfaction of the participant

Already approved for SDA in your NDIS Plan

  • The process is quite easy. With the support from your NDIS or SIL (Supported Independent Living) provider, we can provide you with your very own home according to your identified SDA design category and NDIS Plan Goals.

Wanting approval of SDA in your NDIS plan

  • You or someone acting on your behalf firstly needs to complete the Home and Living, Supports Request Form. This will let the NDIA know that you need home and Living supports added to your plan to support you to achieve your goals
  • Gather supporting documents and reports from Allied Health Professional such as your Occupational Therapist that support your need for SDA,
  • If you need guidance navigating the SDA application process or engaging with the right providers for your situations, please do not hesitate to contact us for a confidential meeting

Steps to Gaining Housing

Fully Accessible

Housing designed with high level of physical access and allowances for people with significant impairment.

Improved Liveability

Housing designed to improve liveability with reasonable level of physical access and allowances for people with sensory or cognitive impairment.


Housing designed with reasonable level of physical access and high level of durability to reduce maintenance and reduce risk to both participant and community.

High Physical Support

Housing designed with high level of physical access and allowances for people with significant physical impairment that need very high levels of support.